Plan of Lectures, VT 2003


1. Introduction to Sensors and Transducers (OH in pdf )
Course presentation
Classification of transducers
Transducer descriptions
Transducer parameters, definitions and terminology
Numerical examples – sensor accuracy
2. Introduction to Microsensors (OH in pdf)
Microsensors presentation
History and technology of microsensors
Reasons for miniaturization
Scaling laws - numerical examples – sensor accuracy
Application examples and markets
Introduction of the material "An introduction to micro system technology"
3. Optical energy domain, part 1 (OH in pdf) (OH as eps)
Photoeffects in silicon and other materials
Photoconductive sensors
Photovoltaic sensors
4. Optical energy domain, part 2
Photoemissive sensors
Working problems – photoemissive sensors
Data presentation elements
5. Microsensors in the optical energy domain (OH in pdf)
Microsensors working in the optical energy domain
Semiconductor physics
Photodiodes and -transistors
Fiberoptic sensors
Application examples and markets
Working problems
6. Chemical sensors OH in pdf)
Sensor mechanisms - basic principles
Miniaturization and microfluidic systems
Application examples and markets
7. Mechanical energy domain, part 1 (OH in pdf)
Surface acoustic waves
Variable resistance sensors
Working problems – strain gauges
8. Mechanical energy domain, part 2
Piezoelectric sensors
Working problems – ultrasonic flowmeters
Capacitive sensors
Working problems – microphones
9. Micromechanics, part 1 (OH in pdf)
Micromechanical sensors
Sensor mechanisms
Strain gauges, accelerometers, and gyroscopes
Working problems
10. Micromechanics, part 2
Pressure sensors, microphones, and tactile sensors
Working problems
11. Thermal energy domain, part 1 (OH in pdf)
Thermoelectric sensors
12. Thermal energy domain, part 2
Thermoresistive sensors
Working problems – temperature mesurement
13. Thermal microsensors (OH in pdf)
Thermo-mechanical microsensors
Thermoresistive microsensors
Bolometers and Thermopiles
Working problems
14. Micro sensors today
Presentation of sensor and microstructure companies in Sweden
Discussions on the material "An introduction to micro systems technology"
Working problems
15. Magnetic energy domain (OH in pdf)
Variable inductance sensors
Variable reluctance sensors
Working example – differential transformer (LVDT)
16. Microsensors in the magnetic energy domain
Magnetoresistive effect sensors
Hall effect sensors
Working example
17 - 19. Presentations of Tutorials (see Topics)
Presentations of individual tutorials projects
20. Summary of Sensors and Transducers
Future trends of Sensors and Transducers
Summary of Course
Working problems - repetition
Open time for questions


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Recommended literature:

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  2. J. R. Carstens, Electrical Sensors and Transducers, Regents/Prentice Hall, 1993 (book information)
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