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2012-01-18: Moved the source code development repository to

2009-12-03: The fftconv_p and sum_fftconv_p functions crashes (in the calls to fftw_malloc) using Matlab R2009a and R2009b on Linux 64-bit systems. The export MATLAB_MEM_MGR=system trick does not solve the problem (as it does on older versions of Matlab). There is currently no solution to the problem and if these functions are crucial then use GNU Octave (or an older version of Matlab) instead.

2009-11-13: Version 2.1.3 Release.

2008-10-15: Version 2.1.2 Release.

2008-10-05: Version 2.1.1 Release.

2008-02-29: Version 2.1.0 Release.

2007-02-12: Version 2.0.0 Release. The DREAM toolbox is now open source and should compile on most systems

2006-11-15: The FFTW crash was due to Matlab's memory management routines not being thread safe. A workaround is to set the env. variable MATLAB_MEM_MGR=system (i.e., export MATLAB_MEM_MGR=system).

2006-05-16: There is a conflict between the FFTW library that comes with Matlab and the standard FFTW lib (from ). Therefore, using the fftconv_p function causes a crasch if more than one CPU (thread) is used on SMP systems.

2006-01-15: Version 1.1.1 release. Removed all refs to Octave and added missing PGN files for the DREAM GUI.

2005-11-03: Octave support has been removed since the GPL licence that Octave uses don't allow for binary only distribution.

2005-10-31: Version 1.1.0 Release .

2004-02-28: Updated the DREAM generated movies.

2004-02-24: DREAM generated movies added to the examples section.

2004-01-12: First release of the DREAM toolbox : version 1.0.0.