Spatial Impulse Responses



Octave Forge


Signals and Systems Group at Uppsala University, Sweden


Authors of the DREAM Toolbox

Fredrik Lingvall: Main developer of the DREAM toolbox (C/C++, m-file, html-coding, and GUI design). Email: Fredrik.Lingvall AT

Bogdan Piwakowski: Professor at the Groupe « Electronique - Acoustique », Institut d'Electronique et de Micro-électronique du Nord (IEMN-DOAE-UMR CNRS 9929), France. Inventor of the discrete representation (DR) computational approach. The DREAM toolbox is derived from DR-Fortan code designed by Prof. Piwakowski. Email: Bogdan.Piwakowski AT

Guang-Min Zang: Former guest researcher at the Signals and Systems Group, at the Department of Engineering Sciences, Uppsala University, Sweden. (GUI design).