Uppsala universitet

Bootstrap Equalization

Claes Tidestav and Erik Lindskog

IEEE International Conference on Universal Personal Communications (ICUPC'98) Florence, Italy, October 5-9, 1998.   © 1998 IEEE

We introduce bootstrapping as a generic method for improving channel equalization in TDMA cellular systems where the channels remain approximately constant over a transmitted burst. Bootstrapping implies that the detection is repeated, using an equalizer tuned with detected symbols. The procedure can be iterated to achieve even better performance.

The initial equalizer is assumed to be tuned using a short known training sequence. When applied to experimental data from a DCS-1800 antenna array testbed, bootstrap equalization yields a performance improvement of 14 dB for a space-time maximum likelihood sequence detector and 17 dB for a space-time decision feedback equalizer in an interference limited scenario.

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