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PhD & Undergraduate studies

The Signals and Systems Group at Uppsala University is responsible for several undergraduate courses in the areas of signal processing, communications, electronics and embedded systems.

Our PhD students work towards degrees in Electrical Engineering with specializations in Signal Processing or Automatic Contol.

Phd Courses:
Autumn 2011: PhD course on Bayesian Inference
Credits: 9+3 hp. Contact Tomas Olofsson.
Course Homepage

Autumn 2017: PhD course on Linear Dynamic Systems
Credits: 12 hp. Contact Mikael Sternad.

Homepages of some previous Undergraduate courses:

Adaptive Signal Processing (1999-2010).
Is now substituted by Project in Electrical Engineering, 1TE675, held in period 2. Please contact Mikael Sternad for further information.

Digital Communication I, Modulation and Coding, 2009
Is from 2011 substituted by the first part of the course Digital Communications.

Digital Communication II, Wireless Systems, 2010.
Is from 2011 substituted by the second part of the course Digital Communications.