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Measurement-Based Evaluation of Robust Linear Precoding for Downlink CoMP.

Rikke Apelfröjd , Mikael Sternad and Daniel Aronsson , Uppsala University.

IEEE Conference on Communications(ICC), Ottawa, Canada June 2012, pp 5749-5755.

We study the design and evaluation of joint processing coordinated multipoint (CoMP) downlink transmission. Precoders will then be designed based on outdated channel state information (CSI), so interference cannot be eliminated completely as by an ideal zero-forcing (ZF) solution.

We here strive to design and evaluate realistic linear transmit schemes. Kalman predictors are used for orthogonal frequency-division multiplexing (OFDM) channels. They provide optimal linear predictions and also estimates of their uncertainty. Robust linear precoders are designed based on these uncertainty estimates. We introduce and use robust linear quadratic optimal feedforward control, with the criterion averaged (marginalized) over the CSI uncertainty. This flexible solution performs minimum mean square error (MSE) minimization. It can also iteratively optimize other criteria, such as sum-rate.

The prediction- and transmission performance is evaluated using measured data on 20 MHz OFDM downlinks from three base stations, for users at fast pedestrian velocities. Downlink CoMP is here also compared to cellular transmission, that uses orthogonal resources within cells but allows uncontrolled interference between cells.

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